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Meet Brooklinn

My name is Brooklinn Dalton, owner of Dalton Doula Services. My passion for helping families transition in and out of the birth room is centered around my background in Biblical Counseling. I love seeing moms & dads empowered to push beyond their own understanding & current circumstances to step into the truth of who they are: STRONG, BRAVE, FIERCE, POWERFUL, TRIUMPHANT, FREE.

My doula journey actually began back in 2014 when I had several friends becoming midwives and I was enthralled with their stories and a little bit jealous that they were truly changing the world by helping families! After talking with a few friends that encouraged me to put my background in counseling to good use as a doula, I decided I wasn't quite ready to change the world... just yet.

Instead, I decided to capture those incredibly "thin" world-changing moments. So, I jumped into birth photography! This was a trial period for me, not because of the photography (I had been doing that as a hobby for a while), but because I had never actually seen a birth before!


Not even one of those old videos from high school biology class.


I was honestly not even sure how I would respond to being in the birth room. Ironically, when I was actually in the birth room, I had an overwhelming urge to help! I left the first birth blown away by the miracle I had just witnessed, excited about the fact that I captured those memories forever, and 100% confirmed that I would become a doula somewhere down the road.


So, in 2017, I enrolled in a Labor Doula Certification through DoulaVersity and began my doula career!

In 2018, I experienced giving birth for the first time and though I did "everything right", I ended up with a medically necessary C-Section.

In 2020, I had a VBAC Homebirth with my second. 


My own journey with infertility, miscarriages, a hospital c-section delivery, and a home VBAC has only strengthened my firm belief that all women deserve to have specialized support .

I believe everyone has the ability to have a positive birth experience, no matter their background, with the right support. I also believe birth is a Holy experience that will change the lives of those involved forever. My aim as a doula is to provide my clients with informational support so they feel confident to ask questions and make decisions, physical support for the laboring woman and her partner, emotional support throughout the pregnancy- immediate postpartum journey, and spiritual support for laboring women and their partner.

When I am not attending a birth, meeting with clients, or doing research, I can be found making up my own recipes, chasing by toddlers, tending my flower farm, working on interior and web design elements, or volunteering in my community. 

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