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Doula Services

Labor Doula Care | $1750

  • Free Consultation

  • 2 prenatal visits

  • Help developing your custom birth plan

  • On-call support from 37 weeks

  • Labor & Delivery support (up to 2 hrs postpartum)

  • 1 Postpartum visit

  • Access to my doula library, tools, & resources


Labor Doula Care + Postpartum Package | $2000

  • Basic doula care (see above)

  • 1 additional Postpartum visit

  • Postpartum herbal bath

  • Belly binding session (includes wrap & balm)

Bengkung Belly Binding     $180

  • 60-90 minute session where I educate you about Bengkung

        Belly Binding & teach you how to self-bind

  • Your choice of  Binding Wrap (valued at $55)

  • Belly Binding Balm/Oil (valued at $25)

Bengkung  Belly Binding is an amazing postpartum recovery aid that helps a mother's abdominal wall begin to heal . This is a traditional Malaysian technique of using a long  piece of fabric to support the hips & abdomen and encourage healing through gentle compression. These hand-dyed wraps are beautiful and quite superior to their modern "girdle" counterparts. Many women find immense comfort in wearing the wrap & do so for regular self-care, even after postpartum healing is complete!

Additional visits + Birthplanning sessions    $175

If you wish to add another prenatal  or postpartum visit to your package, or you simply need a little help developing your birth plan or talking through fears, I will come to your home for 1 hour. This does NOT include any on-call time or birth support.

Photo Courtesy of The Barefoot Momma

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